Recap Of Music Concert Photography 2011

Well to say the beginning of 2011 started off sour is an understatement. I was in New York City as the ball dropped. Not in…
brittverophoto Nov 27, 2011

Bamboozle Survival Guide

The Bamboozle festival is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year for most. I have been going to bamboozle for every year since…

What I do

Some of you might ask, "Hey Brittany, so uh you don't post a lot on here, and when you do you just keep saying you…
brittverophoto Mar 29, 2011

New My Chemical Romance Jackets

The other day, My Chemical Romance released onto their store new jackets. These jackets are special edition Replica jackets based off of the ones worn…
Like the song Friday by Rebecca black?vid

Like the song Friday by Rebecca black?

Listen to this parody sequel called Saturday. I for one was laughing my booty off.

In a amazing turn of events that makes me really happy inside

The Pretty Reckless posted a link to my gallery from their show on their website. *does happy dance* Thanks for everyone who checked out my photos, I…
brittverophoto Mar 14, 2011
Glee covers My Chemical Romance.vid

Glee covers My Chemical Romance.

Sometime coming up on Glee, they will be preforming the song "Sing" off of My Chemical Romance's newest CD Danger Days: True Lives of The…
brittverophoto Feb 13, 2011

Sorry for lack of posts...

I feel like all I have been doing to photoshoots, developing, and printing for school.  As soon as my school work settles down a little bit…
brittverophoto Feb 13, 2011

Doing a photo shoot with my friend Kaytie,

We were told to do portraits. So I'm doing them with her being from 3 different eras. One from present day, one from the 70s…
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Hello visitor to my buzznet page! My name is Brittany and I'm currently a Photography major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. When I'm not here at school I can be found wondering around in the suburbs of New York. I love music, doctor who, harry potter, reading, and playing video games.


Doctor Who, Harry Potter, art, concerts, photography

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Anything Rock, My Chemical Romance, Queen, Say Anything

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Moulin Rouge, Peter Pan, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Sweeny Todd

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Doctor Who, Merlin, Skins (UK), Veronica Mars

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Harry Potter Series, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

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